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What do I have to do if I want my child to join the agency?
In the first instance, complete application form here - If your child is selected for an interview, we will then be in touch with a day and time for you and your child to come along and meet us. We feel that if we are going to be representing your child, it's very important that we meet each other and begin to build a trusting professional relationship with you both.
We will chat with you and your child and ask a bit about them, hobbies, experience, etc. and you will be able to ask us any questions that you may have.  Your child will also have a short photographic session with our professional photographer.  Occasionally we will tell you at this point if your child has been successful, but more often than not you will be notified within a few days.
Do I have to pay for my child to be on the agency?
You should never pay to go on a reputable agency. The only cost to you to be represented by Borthwick Casting is £80.00 which is the fee for publishing your child's details on our website.  By being included on our website, this guarantees that your face will be seen by the many casting directors and other clients that scour our website. We also strongly recommend that you join Spotlight (the directory for all young performers that is seen by hundreds everyday) The cost for this by Spotlight is £98.00 - we will arrange your inclusion into Spotlight as entry is only accepted via a reputable agent.


Will my child be guaranteed work once he/she is represented by Borthwick Casting?

No agency can guarantee work however, Borthwick Casting will guarantee to forward your child as soon as a suitable role arises. 


How can I maximise my child’s chances of getting work?

  • Making yourselves available wherever possible which can be at short notice
  • Arrive promptly at any auditions/casting
  • Keeping us up to date with any unavailable dates, holidays etc.
  • Ensuring your child's particulars are up to date. (height/hair length etc)
  • We ask that you complete a new measurement form every 6 months for children, and  every 3 months if they are under 3 years of age.
  • We will provide audition technique classes which we strongly advise your child to attend although this is optional.
 Our audition classes are held regular however a small charge will incur to cover tuition fees.


My child already has an agent - can he/she still join Borthwick Casting?

You can join Borthwick Casting provided your existing agent is not a sole agent.


How much commission will the agency stop?

Borthwick Casting charge 10% on theatre work and 15% on all other work.


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