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What do I have to do to join the agency?

In the first instance, complete application form here - we will then time be in touch with a day and time for you to come along and meet us. This gives us the opportunity to have a chat, answer any questions you may have. Photographs will be taken and we will have an informal chat about your experience etc. This is also a great opportunity for you to get to know our team so that when we speak in future both sides can put a face to a voice so to speak.


Is there a fee to go on the agency?

There is no fee to go on our agency, the only cost to you to be represented by Borthwick Casting is £80.00 which is the fee for publishing your details on our website. By being included on our website, this guarantees that your face will be seen by the many casting directors and other clients that scour our website. We will use the photographs that we take on the day for our website but you may still use any of your own that you have in addition.

How much commission will the agency stop?
Borthwick Casting charge 10% for theatre work & 15% on all other work.


Will I be guaranteed work once I am represented by Borthwick Casting?

No agency can ever guarantee work, however by us approving your application it means that we believe we can get you work. How much work we can offer depends also on what we are being asked for by productions in terms of look and age etc


How can I maximise chances of getting work?

By making yourself available at very short notice. Be organised, by making a note of all the details for the job. Be punctual and know where you are going the night before by downloading any relevant maps, directions etc. Be courteous, friendly and enthusiastic at all times.  If measurements change always let us know so that we can amend your profile on our records. Feel free to send us any additional/new photographs to add to your profile.






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